- Optimize Optimism chain Gas fee.
- Fix bugs,optimize operation experience.


- Support Li.Fi cross-chain.
- Fixed bugs,optimize operation experience.


- Fixed bugs,optimize operation experience.


- Optimize gas display.
- Optimize NFT loading and display.


- Support Syscoin NEVM.


- Optimize token detail pages.
- Support sharing token detection page.
- Add Metis to RPC chain.


- Optimize token security detection.
- Optimized transaction history.
- Optimize NFT loading speed.


- Add Famous Accounts on Observe-only Accounts.
- "Hide High-Risk Tokens" is turned on by default.
- Support DeFi position display.


- Optimize wallet startup speed.
- Optimize experience of observer mode.
- Optimize ENS avatar.


- Browser update. Supports multi-tabs, favorites, sorting, Pull-down refreshing and horizontal swipe for switching tabs.
- Support "hide high-risk tokens", the button is located in the currency sort list on the homepage.
- Added "Total transaction history", located in the toolbar on the homepage.
- Support adding RPC and Tokens from Dapp.
- Optimize Gas algorithm, Support dynamic update Gas Fee.


- Support custom RPC.
- Optimize connection experience of Pancake.
- Optimize display of Tx History.
- Fix price display of Spell.
- Support add token by name search on Arbitrum.
- Optimize NFT loading and display.
- Support cross-chain of Matic.


- Support Avalanche chain.
- Optimize token search function.
- Optimize display of token prices.
- Optimize experience of switch chain.


- Support Optimism chain.
- Support change ENS avatar.


- Optimize loading speed of transaction history.
- Optimizing an issue token price can not be displayed in a weak network environment.
- Optimize experience of Dapp connection .
- Support Transak ,a fiat onramp service.
- Optimize experience of WalletConnect ,support switch chain and account.
- Optimize NFT loading and display.
- Optimize experience of account switch on the homepage.


- Add security reminder for transfer to blacklist address.
- Add security mark on NFT list.
- Add number liquidity,contract address and so on for transaction information.
- Update security information page.
- Optimize loading speed for tokens.


- Add preliminary detection results after applying for token detection.
- Security Center will remind newly discovered risk tokens on homepage.
- Optimize experience of Bio Auth.


- Optimize experience of token security detection.
- Optimize experience of importing seed phrase.
- Optimize experience of observer mode .
- Support full-featured price chart.


- Optimize wallet security mechanism. Support Bio Auth and introduce TRNG.
- Support observer mode.
- Support public chain management, now you can show or hide public chain.
- Support right swipe to hide tokens, quickly hide useless tokens.


- Optimize experience of cBridge.


- Support HECO chain.
- Support cBridge cross-chain.
- Support submission of token security detection.
- Optimize Wallet & Account.


- Optimize Arbitrum migration experience, upgrade arb-ts library to 0.38.


- Optimize display of NFT.
- Optimize approval management.
- Optimize operation experience on Arbitrum chain .
- Optimized security pop-up window on some devices.


- Support NFT display and transaction. Support ERC-1155 and ERC-721 protocols on Ethereum, ERC-721 on Polygon and BSC.
- Support token approval risk monitoring, approval management, approval revoking.


- Optimize approve experience when bridging.
- Optimize Dapp search recommendation.
- Fix an issue there is no data on the Dapp page on some android devices.


Arbitrum network already launched on August 31.
-Support Arbitrum chain transaction history display.
- Optimize trading experience on Arbitrum network.
-Optimize experience of adding tokens on Arbitrum network.
- Added Arbitrum chain content to the Dapp page.


- Optimize the support of Arbitrum network. Arbitrum network is expected to live on August 31.
- Optimize wallet deletion logic, you can delete any wallet until the last one left.
- Fixed an issue some old phones could not login after using for a period of time.
- Optimize the logic of adding assets.
- Fix an issue cannot switch networks on some devices.


- Support EIP1559 protocol.
- Optimize automatic connection of Dapp.
- Support risk waring for phishing websites and Dapps.
- Support K-line of WETH on Polygon chain.
- Support Polygon chain token security detection.
- Support history display when click address bar.
- Add paste and clear buttons in the address bar of Dapp page.
- Support Dapp title display.
- Support Dapp search recommendation.
- Optimize the interface display, adapt more devices.


- Support automatic connection of Dapp .
- BSC chain supports dynamic switching of nodes.Optimize operation experience.
- Support display price rise and fall for more tokens.
- Optimize the display of transaction notifications.
- Support check for Update in panel.


- Fix some bugs, Optimize operation experience.
- Fix occasionally unable to transfer funds.
- Optimize dapp connection to improve liquidity.
- Support more variety of assets for security testing.
Go Pocket is the very first crypto wallet mainly focused on asset & trading security and chain-agonostic experience.