We are facing various threats in DeFi world.
Phishing Website
Scam Rugpull
Abnormal Trading
DeFi Breach
How will Go Pocket solve them?
Active Security Check
For Tokens
Open Source
Mint Mechanism
Token Lock
Free Trade
No White/Black List
Malicious Code
Proxy Contract
Slippage Limit
Approvals Management
Revoke approvals in an instant
Realtime DefenceSystem
Monitor and analyze block chain big data in realtime
to prevent you from potential loss.
* This feature is still in development
True Random Generator
Coordinates of your random drawing will be used as a part of entropy of True Random Number Generator for seed phrase generation
Above security is user experience.
Swift Switcher
Switch between different chains and accounts swiftly
Chain Manager
Enabled, disable and sort as you want
Native Cross-chain Bridge
Cross-chain transfer in 1 place.
You don’t have to open different websitesto migrate your asset anymore.
Easy Trading
Pro charts and Dash Board
Everything you need
Floating Tx Window
Check Tx status anywhere anytime
Scientific Notation
Tired of counting 0s
ENS Full Support
Set ENS avatar
Send funds to ENS
Swift dApp Browser
Browse other interfaces simultaneously
Switch Network or Account